Valerie Trierweiler causes stir with new look

Valerie Trierweiler, the former partner of President François Hollande, has turned heads in France after a Hollywood-styled photo shoot left her looking a lot younger than her 50 years. And Trierweiler didn't deny the truth.

Valerie Trierweiler causes stir with new look
Trierweiler, looking a little younger than 50, with the help of photo shop, it seems. Photo: Richesse Magazine
Trierweiler is once again in the headlines in France, one year after her tell-all book about her life with ex-partner Francois Hollande ruffled feathers at in presidential residence.
But this time it's for something slightly more superficial. 
Trierweiler made an appearance in a Japanese magazine Richesse this week to mark the anniversary of the book (see images in tweet below).
But it wasn't long before social media users began to comment on the fact that Trierweiler looked closer to 20 than 50 in the pictures. 
For those not entirely sure how the Frenchwoman usually looks, here is an image of her with the photographer before the shoot:
Tweeters around the country began mocking the evident use of Photoshop in the magazine. The tweeter below, for example, offered an estimate of how he would look in the same Japanese magazine.
The tweeter below wonders if the “dude who Photoshopped Valerie Trierweiler is the same guy making up France's unemployment figures”.
Others shared their best guess at how Trierweiler would look in another 20 years:
But perhaps it was Trierweiler herself who had the last laugh. 
She took to her own twitter account to thank both her photographer, Guillaume Sergenti, and “yes, the photoshop talents of the Japanese team”.
The 50-year-old added a hashtag that translates to #IAmFiftyAndIKnowIt.

The juiciest bits from Trierweiler's tell-all book

(Trierweiler signs a copy of her book. Photo: AFP)

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