Frenchman reports cheating wife to police

Who ever said French couples were more willing to forgive and forget infidelity? One jilted Frenchman was not prepared to brush his wife's bed-hopping antics under the carpet.

Frenchman reports cheating wife to police
Who says the French were more willingto accept cheating? Photo: Vasil Tzetvanov/flickr

A man from Lyon has shown that the cliché that infidelity is just like water of a canard's back for the French, is a little wide of the mark.

When it dawned on the man that his wife had been cheating on him with the director of the charity she worked for as an accountant, he had no hesitation in reporting her to  the police.

As cheating itself is not actually a crime in France, the husband instead chose to reveal to police that his wife had been embezzling money from the company’s coffers since 2007.

In all it is alleged she stole €100,000 over that period at a rate of around €1,000 a month, local newspaper Le Progres reported.

Police have opened an investigation and are looking to see whether she had any accomplices at the charity, where managers have already declared they have been left stunned by the revelations.

They described the accountant as “trustworthy”, a word which might have caused the husband to spit out his croissant.

Reports suggested she made a modern day “schoolboy error” that led to her being caught.

She told her husband she was in Paris for a work conference, but when he called her the GPS on her smartphone revealed she was actually in the Vaucluse area of southern France.


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