Kebab shop owner grilled over AK47 menu

Kebab shop owner grilled over AK47 menu
The kebabs were named after weapons. Photo: AFP
A Frenchman with an unusual penchant for guns has been arrested on suspicion of glorifying terrorism, after his AK47 and M16 "menus" triggered police concern.
A man, who runs a gun-themed kebab restaurant in Beziers, southern France was arrested on suspicion of glorifying terrorism. 
His entire restaurant – Toubib Burger – appears to be an homage to weaponry, with the T in the shop's name resembling a Kalashnikov. 

The menu was no better, with one option named K-Lach – an apparent reference to the the Russian firearm Kalashnikov – and another called M16.

Pictures on the restaurant's Facebook page show an assortment of weapons, including more assault rifles and grenades.

The suspect, 44, converted from Catholicism to Islam and is a known acquaintance of Mohamed Merah, whose shooting spree in and around the southern city of Toulouse left seven people dead, reported  Europe 1.

The man had been sentenced to prison previously after he was found to be in possession of six kilogrammes of cannabis, two assault rifles, and a handgun. 
After raiding the man's home this week, investigators found another gun.
The man, who had been known to “like” Islamist propaganda videos on Facebook, was in court on Thursday.