France’s highest peak Mont Blanc shrinks

France's highest peak Mont Blanc shrinks
Mont Blanc has shrunk by 1.4 metres. Photo: Richard West / Flickr
Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe has lost a full 1.3 metres of its height according to the latest measurement. But it had nothing to do with this summer's heatwave apparently.

The height of the mountain that stands in the Alps on the border with Italy often varies in height due to the changing weather conditions at the summit.

In 2013, the last time the mountain was measured, the roof of western Europe stood at 4810.02 metres.

But on Wednesday and expedition of surveyors calculated that the new height of the peak came in 4808.73.

The mountain’s height has varied ever since scientists began measuring in 2001. In 2007 it reached a height of 4811 metres but has dropped and risen over time.

Despite the hot summer the reduction in height is not down to any scorching sun in the French Alps as the temperatures at the summit are almost always below negative.

It is more down to the changing strengths of winds and snow fall.

If there is a light wind and heavy precipitation then snow will settle on the peak and increase the ice cap that coves the rocky peak, which actually stands at 4,792 metres.

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