Five of the most crazily cool hotels in France

With the Palace of Versailles potentially soon set to open its doors to overnight guests, we take a look at some of the other unusual holiday accommodation options in France - from enormous bubbles to treetop hangouts.

Five of the most crazily cool hotels in France
Fancy spending a night in a treehouse? Photo:

Yes, soon you could be living like a king and staying a night in the Palace of Versailles

But while the state-run palace waits on bids from private companies, we've found five other options around the country that are, dare we say it, even cooler than a luxury hotel in a palace.
Happy holidays.
1. Sleep in a bubble
Do you want to be out in the wild with an unspoiled view of the sky – without having to worry about pesky insects? You've come to the right place.


Built in the Japanese tatami style, these bubbles near Marseille in southern France offer what might be one of the more romantic getaways for those who enjoy a good stargaze.
TripAdvisor reviewers were particularly taken with the bubbles, with the vast majority giving the hotel top marks.
“Who needs a five-star hotel when you can have a 5 billion star hotel!” wrote one.
Bubbles, with breakfast, are available from €109 per night. Find out more here.  
2. Camping in the air
Ever wanted to sleep dangling from a tree? Of course you have.
Here at A un fil, in north western Brittany, thrill seekers can sleep in tents that hang from the trees up to four metres above the ground. 

The tents can fit up to four people (two adults, two children) and come as cheaply as €80 per night.
“The site, the activities, the hospitality, everything is perfect. A great place to recharge the batteries,” one TripAdvisor reviewer wrote.
There are also tents on the ground nearby for those who prefer a more stable night's sleep. More info here
3. On a power station tower?
OK, OK, it's not a real power station tower. It's a replica of some that are nearby. But this hotel, called the Villa Cheminée, is actually the work of artist Tatzu Nishi – and is just a 16 square metre home up 15 metres in the air. 

(Photo: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra/Flickr)
It's located near Nantes in western France, and booked out well, well in advance. So if you're even thinking about heading there, you'd better reserve this room right now here
“A superb evening and an ideal setting, with a sunset view of the water, the boats, the birds… what a lovely coccoon,” wrote one traveller on TripAdvisor.
4. Treehouse
Sturdier than a suspended tent, we present the treehouses of Les Alicourts. Located in the trees of the Loire Valley, around two hours south of Paris, these rooms can sleep up to six people and are up to 7 metres off the ground. 
TripAdvisor reviewers were particualrly complimentary about the breakfast served at the resort.
“Breakfast was fun – delivered in a basket to the end of a rope for us to winch up!”

There are also cottages, chalets, and camping sites if you're not quick enough to reserve a room in the treetops. Find out more here

5. Sleep in a plane
And lastly… La Ferme Aventure in eastern France's Lorraine probably takes the cake for the coolest accommodation options.
Besides the fact they've decked out a Caravelle plane with bedrooms (from €110 per night), they also offer teepees, glass pyramids, floating huts, and even nights in converted chariots. 
In the words of one TripAdvisor reviewer who stayed in the Caravelle plane: “The beds are comfortable, and the fact that you are staying in the cockpit… is fun.” 

(Photo: La Ferme Aventure/Facebook)
They call the offerings “Nuits insolites”, which translates to a much less rhyming “offbeat nights” in English. 
Click here to see what else they offer, as well as their rates and availability. 

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