French McDonald’s sorry for homeless burger ban

French McDonald's sorry for homeless burger ban
The southern France McDonald's threatened to fire employees giving food to local "tramps". Photo: AFP
McDonald's has been forced to apologize after one of its outlets in southern France banned staff from giving the restaurant's food to the homeless, telling them "we can't afford to feed all the hungry mouths in the country".
A note posted by the manager of a McDonald's in Hyères, southern France, went viral after the boss threatened to sack anyone caught feeding store meals to the local “clochards“, a derogatory slang word similar to 'tramps'.
“It's not up to McDonald's to feed every hungry mouth in this country,” it said. 
“Anyone caught breaching this procedure (…) will risk dismissal.”
The angry note, written in all caps, was pinned to the staff room wall and was eventually shared on social media by an eagle-eyed customer. 
Since then the story has gone nationwide, leaving McDonald's slightly red-faced.
The message was prompted after two drunken men, believed to be homeless, were having an argument outside the store, at which point a member of McDonald's staff on a food break gave his burger to one of them.
The move infuriated the store's manager, who was worried about the gesture attracting more homeless people, reported the 60 millions de consommateurs site.
The manager later apologized for the “clumsily worded” notice, and McDonald's took to social media to tweet that it was “in no way a McDonald's Company policy to refuse to serve homeless people”.

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