French parents busted over Disneyland drug run

French parents busted over Disneyland drug run
The family headed home with a car full of stuffed toys and heroin. Photo: CetusCetus/Flickr
Police have arrested a mother and father after finding ten kilogrammes of heroin in their car while the family was heading home from Disneyland Paris.
A French couple has made the mistake of thinking a car full of stuffed toys would be the perfect place to hide a huge haul of drugs.
The family of four had been at Disneyland Paris and were returning to their home to Brest, western France, when they were pulled over by police. 
In their car, officers found 10 kilogrammes of heroin and 1.4 kilogrammes of cocaine, hidden beneath stuffed teddy bears and boa constrictors, reported 20 Minutes
The parents were driving two cars in convoy style. The vehicle in front contained the mother and her two and four-year-old children. The car in the rear had the father and the drugs. 
Police said that it was “almost certain” that the parents were using the kids as a cover to transport the drugs.
“Obviously, the family holiday was intended to avoid any suspicions about the real nature of the trip,” the police source told the paper. 
The father had been under police surveillance for a month, and was already known to police because of a previous drug trafficking conviction.
He is understood to have headed to an undisclosed location in Paris while the family went to Disneyland, before heading home at the same time as his family left the popular amusement park. 
The couple have both been jailed and the children have been placed in care.

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