Ghost supermarket stumps French shoppers

Ghost supermarket stumps French shoppers
What would you do if you found yourself at the checkout and there was no one there to help? Photo: AFP
Grocery shoppers at a supermarket in northern France were left bamboozled this week when they found themselves alone in the store after all the staff went home, but forgot to close the doors. What happened next?
What would you do if you found yourself in a supermarket that didn't have a single member of staff inside?
Would you raid the booze shelves? Leave the correct amount of money at the till? Or would you call the police?
This was the exact dilemma faced by customers at the Simply Market store in Lesquin, northern France, on Tuesday.
Due to the Bastille Day public holiday, the store was supposed to shut at 1pm, but it's understood that the last staff member out of the door forgot to turn off the lights or indeed lock up.
Customers, who are used to the store being open until 8pm, simply walked in and carried on their shopping as normal. 
It wasn't until  they began arriving at the till and found it unmanned that they realized something was amiss.
Rather than taking advantage of having the store to themselves and wheeling their trolleys straight to their cars shoppers decided to call in the police, and by 5pm staff arrived and closed the shop.
Remarkably, police on the scene said they found no sign of theft or damage to the shop.

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