The best French beaches to survive the heatwave

As France sizzles under a week-long heatwave many will feel like heading to the beach to escape the heat. Here's ten of the best around the country.

The best French beaches to survive the heatwave
France's weather agency Météo France issued an orange alert warning for 40 départements in the central and eastern parts of the country, in what it dubbed one of the most powerful heatwaves in the last ten years. 
Paris has been tipped to reach 39C on Wednesday afternoon, with Gironde forecast to hit 40C. Limoges and Nantes can expect 38C and 37C respectively.
Tuesday saw several June records beaten, including 40.2C in Cazaux, which beats a 1968 record, 37C in Nantes which is up from the 1952 record, as well as the 37C in La Rochelle and the 38C in Limoges. Paris reached a high of 34.2C on Tuesday.
This kind of heatwave has not been recorded at this time of year for more than 60 years, according to Météo France.
So why not head to the beach.

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(The heatwave will mostly hit southern France. Photo: MeteoConsult)

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32C! How summer will make an unseasonal return to France this weekend

It might be the middle of October with Halloween approaching but summer will make a dramatic and perhaps welcome return this weekend as temperatures rise to 10C above the seasonal norm.

32C! How summer will make an unseasonal return to France this weekend

Temperatures could reach as high as 32C in the south west of France this weekend as the sun makes an unseasonal return.

Parisians too will be able to take to the parks with the mercury forecast to reach 25C in the French capital, according to Météo France.

Temperatures were set to rise on Friday and were forecast to reach 30C in the south west, 24C in the south east and 22C in the north of the country.

But Saturday will feel like Summer has returned with the mercury forecast to reach between 27C and 30C in the south west and the mid 20s in central and eastern France.

But Sunday will be the warmest day as Météo France predicts temperatures will rise to between 7C and 10C above the seasonal norm.

That means those living in the south west might bask in 32C sunshine while the French capital will be a slightly cooler 25C on Sunday.

People in France are advised to make the most of the sun as temperatures will drop steeply on Monday and autumn will feel a little bit more mike autumn.

Météo France.