€3m French fort for sale on classified ads site

€3m French fort for sale on classified ads site
This fort is for sale. Photo: AFP
A massive and privately owned fort in the south of France has been listed in the online classified pages... for a cool €2.8 million. And the current owner is not impressed.
For sale: 2,000 sqm fort with four drawbridges. Close to the Italian border. 
If you've got a spare €2.8 million sitting around and have always wanted a fort – then today could be your lucky day.
Yes, the Fort Queyras in southeastern France is on sale… as advertised on the Le Bon Coin classified website. 
But the fact that the real estate agent has put the ad on Le Bon Coin has irritated Roland Marty, the father of the family that owns the castle.
He told French newspaper Le Dauphine that it was “ridiculous” that such a stately home could share pages where people go to “buy bikes and all that kind of stuff”.
Indeed, it is a questionable match. Most French people use the site to buy second-hand bicycles, cars, and concert tickets – not 2,000 sqm forts that were built in the 1300s and were officially listed among France's historical monuments in 1948.
The real estate agent argued that drastic measures had to be taken to attract potential buyers, and that none had really responded to the “For Sale” that the Marty family had draped over the fort's wall. 

He added that he hoped the classified ad would at least stir some interest for what would be a huge sale. 
“The calls we are getting in are few and far between. This is going to be a mighty financial burden for any potential buyers,” he told the paper. 
In case you're thinking about making the purchase, read more about the fort here. It's located around 200 kilometres north of Nice, boasts 360 degree views, and is 1,400 metres above sea level.

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