Trouble as riot police evict Paris migrants

Trouble as riot police evict Paris migrants
A migrant collapses in front of riot police and protesters in Paris. Photo: AFP
Parisians formed a human chain in a failed attempt to stop riot police from evacuating a migrant campsite in northern Paris on Monday, when over 100 migrants were moved on.
The migrants are understood to have come from the temporary campsite that was in place for about a year near the La Chapelle metro station, a campsite that was cleared out last week of its 400 or so residents.
Monday afternoon saw around 120 of these migrants moved on again from their new camp, which was near the Saint Bernard church in the 18th arrondissement, reported French channel BFM TV. 
Around 30 of them were taken in by police to have their identities checked, AFP news agency reported, while the rest were taken off in buses to an unknown location.
A video of the evacuation on BFMTV showed the police acting roughly with the migrants, carrying one of them away when he apparently refused to cooperate. 
While many of the migrants are on the way to the northern port of Calais, others have been left wondering what to do in the meantime after their nearby camp was taken down last week.
One Sudanese migrant, who asked not to be named, told The Local last week that he would try his luck at another large camp near the Gare du Lyon train station.
French police pull down Paris migrant camp
(A scene from the La Chapelle campsite last week. Photo: AFP)
“I don't know what I'm going to do now. I have to think. If they gave me papers I would stay in France,” he said at the time.
“It's a very difficult life. But this is what we have and all we can do is try,” he added.