Baby dies after ‘stressed dad forgets him in car’

A tragic story was emerging in France on Friday after a six-month old baby was found dead in a car after the father reportedly forgot to drop him off at nursery and went to work.

Baby dies after 'stressed dad forgets him in car'
Baby dies after a father forgot to take him to nursery and left him in the car. Photo: AFP

The father was taken into police custody in the town of Dieppe, northern France as police continue investigate the circumstances around the baby’s death, which occurred on one of the warmest days of the year so far.

According to initial reports in the French press, the father, who works at an engineering firm based near the city of Rennes, western France, took his wife to work at around 2pm on Thursday.

After dropping her off he was then supposed to take his son to nursery but apparently forgot and instead drove home to continue working, the website Normandie Actu reported.

At around 6pm that evening his wife called to remind him to collect the child.

He left and drove back to the creche. But when he arrived he was told his baby was not on the premises. It was then that two bystanders noticed the baby was in the back seat of the car. 

Paramedics were immediately called but they could not revive the child. 

The prosecutor of Dieppe, Valerie Cadignan told reporters that “the father had made a round trip without realizing the child was strapped in in the back of the car.”

After the father was taken into custody he reportedly told police he was suffering “fatigue and being overworked”.

A forensic examination of the child’s body is to be carried out as well as a psychological examination of the father.

A similar baby-death occurred in Sweden in May 2013 when a father forgot to drop his baby off at nursery and instead went to work.

He only realized eight hours later.

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Pampers nappies ‘contain carcinogenics’: French study

Pampers nappies contain small traces of cancerous substances, a new French study has alleged.

Pampers nappies 'contain carcinogenics': French study
Photo: Robert Valencia/Flick
Pampers nappies – the market leader in France and around the world for nappies – contain toxic chemicals that are linked to several types of cancer, according to a study published on Tuesday by the French health association Asef. 
The carcinogenics have been linked to skin, lung, bladder, liver, and stomach cancer.
These potentially harmful compounds in the nappies are ironically found in the chemicals there to protect the sensitive skin of the babies and prevent irritation, specifically in the petrolatum, which is commonly found in care products for its moisturizing qualities.
However depending on where and how it has been refined, petrolatum can be contaminated with the toxic chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). 
These cancerous compounds were found in the nappies and so “are in contact with the most intimate parts of our children for 23 and a half hours a day,” Ludivine Ferrer, head of Asef, told the Le Parisien newspaper
Researchers noted that only extremely low levels of the hydrocarbons were found in the nappies, below the 0.2 mg/kg legally allowed within the EU, but study authors said it didn't matter. 
“While it's legal to have tiny traces, this is just too much from a moral perspective,” Ferrer told the paper. 
Ferrer suspects that there might be long-term risks for children who wear the nappies, adding that if the effects were immediate “the producers would have changed their manufacturing methods a long time ago”. 
The study was carried out in collaboration with French ecological baby product company Love and Green.
Proctor and Gamble, the owner of the Pampers brand, is yet to comment on the allegations.