Frenchman injured by exploding e-cigarette

A young Frenchman was left with burns to his right hand and complained he could have been left disfigured after his electronic cigarette exploded in his hand. He said it was like a grenade going off.

Frenchman injured by exploding e-cigarette
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Authorities in France have opened an investigation after a 21-year-old man from western France was left with burns when his e-cigarette blew up.

Police are looking into the exact causes of the accident that left the man, named Brice, with burns to his hand, the regional newspaper Ouest France reported.

According to those reports the device, which was one made in China, is believed to have exploded due to a faulty battery.

However some have suggested that it may have been due to the smoker tampering with the battery in a bid to make it more powerful.

One e-cigarette seller told AFP that a trend has developed, mainly among young people, of users trying to increase the power of the e-cigarette batteries to boost the amount of vapor they produce.

The victim told BFM TV that “he could have been disfigured” if he had had the device in his mouth at the time”.

“I took it away from my mouth and a split second later it exploded. It was like a grenade,” he told French media.

The man who works as a DJ said he was furious and said he doesn't yer know if he'll be able to mix in future. He has vowed to launch legal action against the device's makers.

The use of e-cigarettes in France has taken off in recent years in France, but thankfully cases of exploding devices remain rare.

In September last year a pensioner was left with burns to his leg when an e-cigarette exploding in his trouser pocket. He later lodged an official complaint with police.

In March this year a Texas man said he was suing the makers of his e-cigarette after it also exploded in his pocket leaving him with burns to his thighs and scrotum.

It happened as he was kicking a ball around at his daughter’s birthday party.

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Video shows Frenchman’s crazy e-cigarette explosion

A nightclub manager in southern France has been left with second degree burns after his e-cigarette exploded in his pocket.

Video shows Frenchman's crazy e-cigarette explosion
Photo: La Dépêche du Midi/Screengrab.
CCTV footage has caught the shocking moment that a man's e-cigarette exploded in his pocket. 
The incident occurred outside a nightclub in Toulouse on Friday night. 
Security camera footage from the scene shows the manager, Amine Britel, walking around smoking his electronic cigarette. 
Then sparks start to fly from his right pocket.
“I heard what sounded like a firecracker but ten times louder,” he told the regional La Dépêche du Midi newspaper
“After the shock of the explosion, I realized I had caught on fire.”
The sparks lasted only several seconds, but they were strong enough to leave Britel in hospital with second degree burns to his side and fingers.
In trying to put out the flames, he said that his jacket melted to his finger. 
The nightclub manager told the paper that he assumed the spark ignited after the battery of his e-cigarette was in contact with loose change in his pocket. 
He said that he had launched a complaint with the Chinese manufacturer of the e-cigarette, but has few expectations that anything will come of it. 
Exploding e-cigarettes have caused problems in France before, including just last month when another Toulouse man was injured in a similar incident. 
In south western France in February, four cars ended up torched after a woman's e-cigarette caught fire inside her car