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Carers and cleaners: The future jobs in France

Carers and cleaners: The future jobs in France
If you are looking to find work in France then a government study on jobs for the future has revealed your best bet might be in cleaning, teaching or caring for the country's elderly population.

Under pressure to bring down unemployment the country’s labour ministry has gazed into its crystal ball and looked at the best chances of employment in the years ahead.

The study predicted that between now and 2022 an average of 177,000 jobs a year will be created that will eventually bring unemployment down to around 8 percent from 10.2 percent currently.

The ministry also highlighted several growth areas where people may stand the best chance of finding work, with gaps appearing in the main due to the number of people set to retire – an estimated 600,000 a year.

When it comes to the type of jobs that will see the most openings – then cleaning staff came top of the table with a predicted 387, 000 jobs opening up by 2022.

Perhaps this will help solve the problem of Paris’s notoriously dirty streets.

Following cleaners, there will also be a predicted 322,000 openings for home helpers and there will also be 233,000 posts as careworkers.

This was put down to the fact that country’s aging population will need caring for and family members are less able or willing to take on the responsibility as they were in the past.

Then comes teaching, an area which President François Hollande has made a priority. With thousands of teachers due to retire in the coming years, the study predicts as many as 300,000 jobs will be created.

Other growth areas highlighted in the report included accountants, nurses, drivers and civil service administrators.

The report concluded however that jobs would continue to be created for those who are highly qualified, like managers and less so for unqualified workers.

At the other end of the scale the areas that will create the least posts are fishermen, soldiers, police and unqualified labourers.

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