French cops find 21kg of coke in ‘tourist’ suitcase

French cops find 21kg of coke in 'tourist' suitcase
The smugglers had checked in a suitcase falsely labelled with the tourist's name. Photo of Nice airport: Shutterstock
A tourist at Nice airport got quite a fright this week when police found 21 kilos of cocaine stowed away in a suitcase labelled with his name.

French customs on Friday announced that they had seized 21 kilos of cocaine from a suitcase at Nice Airport, southern France, France Info reported.

The drug stash, which was found in 18 packets, was placed in a suitcase belonging to a tourist travelling from the Dominican Republic.

However when questioned about the hoard the man was baffled and further investigations showed that the drugs had been placed in a suitcase fraudulently labelled with the tourist’s name.

The stash has an estimated street value of €1.3 million.

Last year French customs seized a total of six tonnes of cocaine.

One part of this came after a surgeon found a whopping 600g of cocaine inside a man’s stomach after he had complained of chronic stomach pains.

The man later admitted to ingesting the drugs on a recent trip to South America, with intent to smuggle it into France.  

Last September two men were jailed after they allegedly used an official Vatican vehicle to try to smuggle several kilos of cocaine and cannabis through France.