Paris: Iron Lady to dim lights for Earth Hour

It may be known as the City of Light but on Saturday evening even Paris and its most famous monument the Eiffel Tower will go dark to mark Earth Hour. Parisians will then have to dance for the Iron Lady to be restored to its glittering glory.

Paris: Iron Lady to dim lights for Earth Hour
The Eiffel Tower will momentarily lose its sparkle to mark Earth Hour. Eiffel Tower photo: Shutterstock

On Saturday over 200 buildings in the French capital will go dark for an hour between 8:30pm and 9:30pm to mark the ninth edition of “Earth Hour”, a global initiative to raise awareness about climate change, Le Parisien reported.

The buildings include some of Paris’s most popular landmarks including Hôtel de Ville, Parc des Princes, Notre-Dame and the opera houses.

Due to "security reasons", the Eiffel Tower, which is Paris’s tallest structure, will only go dark for five minutes.

To add a bit of festive flavour to the occasion, Parisians are then encouraged to dance on a special surface installed at the foot of the monument to restore the monument’s lights.

On Thursday leaders of 30 European cities gathered in Paris for a summit to declare their commitment to "clean" policies in the battle against climate change, and to sign a declaration promising to use their collective purchasing power of around €10 billion a year to buy eco-friendly.

This isn’t the first time the lights on the world-famous tower have been dimmed.

In January the tower’s lights were dimmed to honour the victims of the Paris terror attacks.