Video: Paris prankster rides Vélib on Metro rails

Video: Paris prankster rides Vélib on Metro rails
The cyclist on the Metro tracks. Photo: YouTube (screenshot)
A young Parisian prankster has landed in hot water for taking one of the capital's Vélib bicycles and riding it on the Metro tracks.
An attention-seeking Frenchman and his latest stunt are currently going viral in France.
The short film clip shows a Metro train in Paris waiting at a platform as passengers board. Viewers can hear the ringing of a bell, that discerning ears may already note comes from one of the bikes from the city's bike-renting scheme Vélib.
As the train pulls away, French prankster Florian Dagobert appears behind the train, cycling (with some difficulty) along the tracks.   
The video warns viewers not to try the stunt at home, with the words "Mortal Danger" flashing in English. 
While the hits may be rolling in, viewers don't appear to be impressed. 
One YouTube user called Dagobert "an idiot", suggesting that the "Darwin awards were on the way", referring to the tongue-in-cheek honour for people who have died doing something considered stupid by most.
While the video was published last month, Dagobert was summoned by police and arrested on Tuesday. He confessed to the misbehaviour and escaped with a warning, reported Le Huffington Post

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