French property face-off: Rustic cottage vs manor

Would you like relax in a rustic cottage in southwestern France or rather head up north and spend your time in a historic manor? Take a look at these two properties that are currently on the market.

French property face-off: Rustic cottage vs manor
Photo: Leggett

For this week's property face-off, readers have the choice between two rustic properties, a beautiful cottage in the Tarne-et-Garonne département in southwestern France and a lovely historic manor in the northwestern Sarthe département.

The 200m2 manor in northwestern France dates back to the year 1395. For a bargain of 304,950 the property could be yours, including several additional buildings ideal for turning into holiday cottages.

With a price of €375,000 you have to shell out a little more for the 110m2 cottage, but the property boasts larger grounds and also comes with a barn and hangar.

Take a look through the gallery of images and see which one you would rather get your hands on, money permitting of course.

French property face-off – Which rustic home suits you?

These properties are on the market with the estate agents Leggett.

You can find out more about the rustic cottage by CLICKING HERE.

If the historic manor is more up your street, you can get more information by CLICKING HERE.

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France increases to €9,000 grants for property owners

A French scheme to provide financial aid to property owners seeking to replace oil and gas boilers with eco-friendly alternatives has been extended, with grants of up to €9,000 now available.

France increases to €9,000 grants for property owners

The French government will increase the amount of money available to replace gas and oil-powered boilers through the MaPrimeRenov’ scheme, part of a package of measures announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex on Wednesday

Environment Minister Barbara Pompili said that from April 15th, some households would be able to benefit from an extra €1,000 to “accelerate the replacement of fossil fuel-powered boilers with renewable heating solutions”, such as heat pumps and biomass heaters. 

It will no longer be possible to use state funding to replace a gas boiler with another, more efficient gas boiler. 

This brings the total state aid available for replacing boilers up to €9,000. 

Who can benefit? 

The funding for boiler replacement is available through the MaPrimeRenov’ scheme – which is available to anyone who owns property in France. 

Applicants for funding do however need a French numéro fiscal (tax number) and a copy of their latest tax declaration, which means those who do not file the annual tax declaration in France are effectively excluded. 

You can only apply for funding if your property is more than two years old. 

The amount of money you could receive depends on a range of criteria including: household income; the number of people living in the household; and the location of the property. 

You can read more about the MaPrimeRenov’ scheme HERE

Why is the government doing this? 

The move essentially allows France to faire d’une pierre deux coups – hit two birds with one stone.

One one hand, it will allow the country to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions in the face of the global climate crisis. 

On the other, it allows France to reduce its dependency on Russian gas – which has become a government priority ever since the invasion of Ukraine.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex said the government would target and end to dependency on Russian energy by 2027. The construction of new nuclear plants announced in February will also assist in reaching this objective.

You can read more about the government’s measures to insulate the French economy from the war in Ukraine HERE