The most outrageous quotes from the DSK trial

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The most outrageous quotes from the DSK trial
The most outrageous quotes from the DSK pimping trial. Photo: AFP

The sordid details of 'libertine' sex parties, DSK’s rampant sexual appetite and what prostitutes must do to earn a living have been laid bare at the pimping trial of the ex-IMF chief in Lille. Here's some of the stand-out statements from DSK and the prostitutes he romped with.


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DSK on prostitution:

When asked by the judge about the presence of prostitutes at the sex orgies, the ex-IMF chief declared: "I am horrified at the practice of using prostitutes." 

When quizzed later he said: “Prostitution is an assault on women’s dignity.”

The court also heard DSK comparing prostitutes at orgies to flying fish. "They do exist," he said. "But you don't often see them."

DSK on his proclaimed innocence:

"I committed no crime, no offense," he wrote in a letter that was read out to the court.

"I don't like to do it with prostitutes. I like it to be a party," he said.

Accused of playing a role in organising the parties, Strauss-Kahn said: "I had other things to do. [I was] saving the world... I had political ambitions."

'I am not on trial for deviant sexual practices', an angry DSK told the court on Wednesday.

DSK on why women threw themselves at him:

('I was one of most powerful': DSK with Obama and his wife Michelle at a slight distance. AFP)

"I was one of the world's most powerful men," said the former IMF chief and favourite for the French presidency. "Many people wanted to please me," he said.

"Women have offered themselves to me ten times. It is nothing unusual to me," he also told the court. 

DSK on his sexual appetite

"I only had wild sex parties three or four times a year. People are making me out to be some kind of sex fanatic!" Strauss-Kahn told the court. 

"I admit my sexuality is rougher than that of the average man. I am the same with all women," he said.

What the ex-prostitutes said about the parties and DSK:

(Drawing of prostitute named Jade giving evidence at the trial. AFP)

"That isn't libertinism, there were no other men. No one asked my name, there was just a hand on my head to perform fellatio," said Jade, a former prostitute, who was one of the 'guests' at a private 'party' in a Parisian hotel.

When asked if she spoke to Strauss Kahn at some point at the 'party', the former prostitute replied: "No because he was in my mouth."

The former prostitute also added that she was not aware of Strauss Kahn’s status she simply did not know who he was until she saw him on TV.

"One day I saw him on TV and I said ahhh it's him, but he's wearing clothes!" she told the court.

"For 2,000 euros! I am not going to say no. I love traveling. I had never seen Washington," said Jade, talking about the time she accompanied the ex-IMF chief to his Washington office in 2010.

When asked about details of a 'party' she took part in Brussels, the former prostitute said: 

"I experienced penetration without my permission. If I was a libertine, I would at least have been asked if I wanted to do that," she said.

Mounia, a retired prostitute, described the brutality of an act Strauss Kahn performed on her during the 'party'.

"It was brutal but consensual until the end because I needed the money," she said. "He saw that it was not what I wanted. I cried."

by Priscillia Charles

Click here to read our live blog on the trial for more quotes, pictures, and reactions from today's trial.


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