France seeks to bar ‘hated’ US pick-up coach

A petition to stop the controversial US seduction coach and pick-up artist Julien Blanc from coming to France later this year as part of his European tour has already garnered thousands of signatures.

Blanc, 26, is due to hold events in Lyon on October 20th and Paris on the 21st.

The controversial dating coach, has already been banned from Australia, the UK and Singapore over concerns that his talks incite sexual violence.

That prompted Time magazine to ask whether Julien Blanc was "the most hated man in the world?".

France may be the next country to close its borders to the Swiss-born US-based pick-up 'artist' Blanc.

On Tuesday the French women’s website launched a petition on the campaign website calling for him to be banned from performing in France.

The petition, called “Intervene to stop Julien Blanc’s conferences being held in France” and aimed at Pascale Boistard, the Secretary of State for Women’s Rights, had attracted over 6,200 signatures by Thursday morning.

On Wednesday Boistard tweeted her support for the petition.

“Thank you for your vigilance. I am looking at ways to act to stop all speeches inciting rape or acts of violence,” she wrote.

In November last year a similar campaign was started in Sweden to stop Blanc at the border if he tried to arrive in the country for several tour dates he had planned, including one in Gothenburg.

Later that week the scheduled tour dates had been removed from Blanc’s official website, suggesting that the petition had been successful.

Blanc works for LA-based company Real Social Dynamics and travels the world telling men how to seduce "any woman they want".

However some critics have branded his tactics sexist and at times violent and dangerous.

Online seminars hosted by the coach include scenes where he grabs the necks of women and pushes their faces towards his crotch.

He also tells a group of men: "In Tokyo, if you're a white male, you can do what you want."  

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