Shocking new video emerges of Paris attack

A shocking new video has surfaced showing the Charlie Hebdo gunmen in the moments after the massacre at the newspaper. The pair are seen raising clenched fists in the street as they claim "revenge for the prophet" before opening fire on police.

Shocking new video emerges of Paris attack
New footage has emerged of the gunmen shortly after they attacked Charlie Hebdo.Photo: Sky News
The footage begins with the brothers reloading their weapons, directly after they had left the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine, where they killed 11 people.
One of the terrorists holds his hand in the air and yells:
"We have avenged the Prophet Muhammad, we have killed Charlie Hebdo."
After the brothers reload their weapons and drive off, they are met by chance by a police car.
The pair stop their car and open fire on police, forcing the officers to reverse at speed back down the street before crashing into a parked car on Boulevard Richard Lenoir.
Warning: Some of the scenes in this video may shock viewers.

Soon after, and not included in the video, one of the brothers shoots one of the policemen at point blank range, taking the victim count to 12. 
Two days later, another four people were killed by a gunman connected to the two brothers. The gunman took hostages at a kosher supermarket on the east side of the city. 
Late on Friday afternoon, police killed both the gunman in the supermarket and the two brothers, who were in the midst of a hostage drama of their own just north of Paris. 
Surviving staff members at Charlie Hebdo have unified after the attack, publishing a new issue on Wednesday with 3 million copies – up from their usual run of 60,000. The issue features the Prophet Muhammad on the cover, in tears and holding a sign saying "I am Charlie". Above him are the words "All is forgiven".
The edition, which sold out across France in record time, prompted mixed reactions from France's Muslim community.  
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