Charlie Hebdo survivors mock jihadist killers

The latest issue of Charlie Hebdo sees the surviving members of staff mock the gunmen who slaughtered their colleagues. The Local France takes a look inside.

Charlie Hebdo survivors mock jihadist killers
While the cover featured Muhammad, cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo used the inside pages to mock the gunmen who killed their colleagues. Photo: AFP

Charlie Hebdo's new edition out Wednesday mocks the Islamist gunmen who murdered many of its staff last week, but also skewers other targets with its usual brand of satire and caricatures.

The issue was put together by surviving staff in a show of defiance, to show it will not be silenced.

After the cover, which features a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad holding a "Je suis Charlie" ("I am Charlie") sign under the title "Tout est pardonné" ("All is forgiven") are 15 pages of articles and drawings.

The issue includes:

  • Illustrations and articles from the five cartoonists, two columnists and one subeditor killed.
  • Another cartoon sees three cheesed-off jihadists discussing whether to target Charlie Hebdo's staff. One says: "We can't touch the people from Charlie Hebdo. If we do they are going to seen as martyrs and once they get to paradise these pieces of shit are going to steal all our virgins."

(Image taken from Charlie Hebdo January 14th "survivors" edition)

  • A centre spread of cartoons, the main one showing the Arc de Triomphe and scenes from the massive Paris rally on Sunday that gathered 1.6 million people and dozens of world leaders. Its title reads: "More people for 'Charlie' than for Mass."
  • An editorial in which the chief editor, Gerard Biard, says: "What made us laugh the most was that the bells of Notre Dame rang in our honour." He said he and the surviving employees "with all our heart thank those who, in their millions… are really by our side, who sincerely and deeply 'are Charlie'".
  • Surviving columnist Patrick Pelloux jokes around about the attack and his departed colleagues, then writes: "I don't know why this is my first column written in tears. The sound of their voices is like silence."
  • The final page is of 13 cartoons, most of which lampoon the two Islamists who decimated the newspaper's staff. One shows them arriving in paradise and asking, "Where are the 70 virgins?" Behind a festive cloud comes the answer: "With the Charlie team, losers!"
  • Another satirical cartoon compares the dedication that goes into being a cartoonist and being a terrorist. Above an image of a man drawing are the words "A cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo: that's 25 years of work." Below is a drawing of a gunman shooting people with the words: "Terrorist -that's 25 seconds of work" and then "Terrorism – a career for lazy people."
  • There's also an image of a hand jabbing a giant pencil into the backside of a gunman wearing a balaclava. The words above read: "Our pencils are always sharpened better than your bullets".

The surviving staff members of Charlie Hebdo held a press conference on Tuesday, where they said the gunmen "simply didn't have a sense of humour".

Gérad Biard, Luz and Patrick Pelloux talk to the media. Photo: AFP

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