‘Essential beauty’ tips, by France’s SNCF rail chiefs

France's state-owned rail company SNCF has been slammed for being sexist over a document they published giving female employees "essential beauty" tips.

'Essential beauty' tips, by France's SNCF rail chiefs
Photo: Wencor Toe/Flickr

The note titled “Astuces pour finir en beauté” (Tricks to end up pretty) details what make-up employees should use, how to wear their hair, and even how to smell, and is part of a 36 page document on the new uniforms for employees that are to be unveiled on Thursday.

The note, seen above, includes a picture with the title "the essentials of beauty" of all the implements and products needed.

In the note, employees are advised to groom their eyebrow line to achieve an “intense gaze”, to opt for a “light and subtle” deodorant and perfume, and to "subtly paint their nails" in a transparent, pastel pink or red colour.

People haven’t responded well to SNCF's beauty guru stint and have taken to twitter to vent their anger, calling the advice sexist and inappropriate.  

Commenting on an article that appeared in the magazine Les Inrocks, Gaëlle Periat tweeted: "I rarely get annoyed but this article drives me nuts."

After one user inquired whether the company had similar advice for its male staff, SNCF tweeted a picture of the note addressed to men, featuring fewer points than the female version.

The company pointed out that the advice given was just intended to be helpful.

"There's nothing compulsory," SNCF said.

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