12 ‘French’ things that aren’t actually French

12 'French' things that aren't actually French
So many things are labelled as French but aren't actually French at all.
Does "French Kissing" really come from France? Here The Local looks at 12 things that sound very French in name but actually have nothing to do with France.

Plenty of terms have entered the English language that describe something as "French" even though it's not.

The many stereotypes Anglos have about the French seem to have been translated into language as well.

So anything slightly sexual has been dubbed "French" by the more conservative Anglos and the word "French" seems to have been added to words to make them seem more chic and sophisticated.

We've put together a list of different things wrongly labelled "French" that in reality have very little to do with France. (Click on the link below)

Here are 12 'French' things that aren't actually French

by Simone Flückiger

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