11 things you (wrongly) presumed about France

Are the French really the world's leading cheese-eating, red wine guzzling, sex obsessed 'surrender monkeys' they are so often made out to be? Here The Local debunks some of the myths surrounding the French by finding ways other countries beat France at their own game, so to speak.

11 things you (wrongly) presumed about France
Still think there's nothing more intrinsically French than all-things cheesy? Photo of woman eating cheese: Shutterstock

France:  the most visited country in the world. Its place in the history books and global culture stands out way above most other nations, a possible reason why the French are the butt of so many stereotypes.

So are they really the prolific lovers they are made out to be? Is bread, cheese and wine what they have for dinner every single day?

We’ve taken ten of the most common assumptions made about the French and found other countries that actually fit the stereotype more closely.

Click here to see how other countries out-French the French 

By Alex Dunham 

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