Ten inventions you could curse the French for

Some great inventions have come out of France over the years, not least the scented-flatulence pills, but there are also a fair few we think the world perhaps could have done without. Here's 10 creations you could curse the French for inventing.

Ten inventions you could curse the French for
Not every invention that has come out of France has been positive. Photo: Invention: Shutterstock

While scented-flatulence pills and sweet-smelling underpants are the latest and greatest inventions to come out of France, there are have been a few over the years that have had less of a positive impact on lives around the world. So we reckon anyway.

Yes, the French may have come up with their share of genius inventions over the years, such as the automobile and the world’s first film camera, but they are also the cause of some creations that we figured the world could have done without.

Take a look through this highly subjective gallery and judge for yourself.

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