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Ten ways ‘Paris is not France’ and vice versa

Ten ways 'Paris is not France' and vice versa
How different is Paris to the rest of France? Photo: Shutterstock
"Paris is not France and France is not Paris" so people keep saying. In her second installment looking at some of the myths and stereotypes around France, recent arrival Lindsey Johnstone looks at a few of the most common ways that observers mix up the capital with the country.

From le Midi to la Manche, the French have an infamously love/hate relationship with their capital city, which is heartily reciprocated.

So both Parisians and their compatriots from la France Profonde would probably be pleased to hear that when outsiders cite well-loved French stereotypes, a lot of the time what they are actually referring to is only relevant to Paris, and vice versa.

We've rounded up a few of the most common ways that observers tend to think Paris and the rest of France are interchangeable, but why that couldn't be further from the truth.

Ten ways 'Paris is not France and France is not Paris'

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