Paris: How to live in an 8-square-metre apartment

Perhaps it's time we stopped complaining about the notoriously small apartments in Paris, which are often barely big enough to swing a cat. Check out this video to see why.

Paris: How to live in an 8-square-metre apartment
See how this tiny apartment was transformed into a liveable space. Photo: Kitoko

Paris is infamous for its horrendously high rent prices and lack of living space. So in response to the problem, an architecture firm took on the task of turning the tiniest of rooms into an apartment complete with all the usual mod cons.

Architects from Kitoko Studio remodelled an old eight-metre-square maid’s room or 'chambre de bonne' into a furnished liveable space.

Based on the concept of a Swiss Army Knife, all the features and amenities are neatly tucked and folded away behind cupboards. Pull on one handle to reveal a staircase with storage space or open up a cupboard door to reveal a tiny bathroom.

We'll let the video explain the rest.

Would you fancy living here? 

by Simone Flückiger

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