QUIZ: Find out how French you’ve become

It's impossible to be an expat in France without turning a little bit French. Take our quiz and find out where you land on the Frenchiness scale.

QUIZ: Find out how French you've become
So how French do you think you are? Photo: Frenchman: Shutterstock

Try as we might to stay true to HP Sauce and the Super Bowl, living as an expat in France will mean you eventually take up the customs of your Gallic hosts.

While time is a factor, the folks that have been here since May 1968 have just become more French by default, some people go totally native because they love it here. 

So The Local has devised a test to see just how French you've become. Here's the score chart.

20,000 points or more: Forget about it François, you've gone native

15,000 points or more: Might be time to head home for a visit

10,000 points or more: The French amuse and confound you 

5,000 point or more: I know how to say 'Oui' and 'Merci.'

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