How France could make learning French easier

How France could make learning French easier
How learning French could be so much easier. Photo: Shutterstock
Let's imagine for a moment France decided to make learning French easier for Anglos in a bid to get more people speaking their language. What could the language guardians at the Académie Français do to make it simpler for us? Here's ten ideas.

Imagine if the so-called “Immortals” at the Académie Française – the famed guardians of the French language – had a dramatic change of heart.

Instead of trying to protect the French language by banning English words, the Académie decides to change tactics and make it simpler for us notoriously linguistically-challenged Anglos to learn their tongue, by removing some of the main hurdles.

We asked the IASLFF – International Association of Struggling Learners of French in France, which happens to be based in The Local's office in Paris, to come up with a list of ten ways the folk at the Académie could help us out. Would you add anything else to their report?

Ten ways France could make learning French much easier

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