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Strip bars to fires: Travel warnings about France

Strip bars to fires: Travel warnings about France
From strip joints to forest fires - what foreign countries warn about visiting France. Photo: AFP
The safety warnings foreign governments issue to their citizens when visiting France can appear to be excessively alarming. Although we don't want to be scaremongers, here are a few of the most severe from governments around the world.

After the United Kingdom upped the security warning for its residents heading across the Channel for a visit, noting the 'high threat of terrorism', The Local France decided to take a look at what other countries are telling their citizens about France.

While the UK's assessment may be in line with France's own decision to beef up security due to a terror threat from Islamist extremists, there are plenty of warnings out there from other foreign governments that could certainly be deemed excessive.

Grouped together they make France sound like it's overrun with marauding bands of violent thieves, armed separatists with an urge to spill blood and a natural disaster waiting to happen.

We gathered direct quotations from the websites of various foreign governments of the "dangers" of visiting France.

They might make you laugh, shake your head in disbelief or encourage you to be a lot more careful the next time you visit.

Strip joints to forest fires: What countries warn about visiting France


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