A view of France from miles above the earth

A stunning photo capturing a nighttime view of France and parts of the UK from space has gone viral in the Twittersphere, but it's just one of the spectacular sights captured by an American astronaut. Can you make out the various French cities?

A view of France from miles above the earth
An American astronaut has posted a series of stunning images on Twitter of Earth seen from space. Photo: Reid Weisman/Twitter

Since American astronaut Reid Weisman posted his photo on Thursday night of a twinkling France seen from the International Space Station it has been retweeted some 1,800 times and over 2,050 people have made favorited it.

Took a look one look at the photo and you'll understand why. Many of the scores of comments below the image include the word "wow," but also somebody had to write, "I can see my house from here."

(Reid Weisman/Twitter)

Weisman has been chronicling his space stay on twitter with pictures and short videos.

Here is a breathtaking short clip Weisman shot of Aurora Borealis as seen from space.

And here's a beautiful shot of Italy at night while a storm rages:

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