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What the French find weird about Anglos

What the French find weird about Anglos
Here's what the French think is odd about Anglos. Photo: Man eating: Shutterstock
What passes for normal behaviour and customs among Anglos can look pretty alien to the French at times. Here’s our list of the things the French find weird about us. What else would you add?

After The Local France's list of the French customs that confuse Anglos we had to balance things out by taking a look at the strange stuff English speakers do.

Yes the similarities between the French and Anglos are many, but we are still different enough on certain fronts to leave each other baffled and bewildered at times.

Think about it. What is something Anglos love (and French hate) to drown their food in? No, it’s not ketchup.

How about the way Anglos often dress like they are on the beach when heading out for a night on the town, hundreds of miles from the coast? The full list is below. Tell us what you would add.

Click here for what the French find weird about Anglos

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