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The ten tourist traps in France to avoid

The ten tourist traps in France to avoid
Some places in France are best avoided. Patrick Kovarick/AFP
Here's the 10 tourist traps you should avoid on your next trip in France. They're the places that are so expensive, so cheesy or so crowded it feels like all of the country's 84 million annual tourists are there at the same time.

Hordes of tourists that descend on the world's most visited country each year for good reason – because the country has so much to offer. But some places and attractions are perhaps best avoided.

France has some world-renowned tourist traps that combine overpriced tackiness with all the horrors of being herded around like a farm animal. But The Local has put together a list of the 10 you'd do well to avoid on your next trip in 'L'Hexagone.'

Which annual outdoor festival should you steer clear of? Is the Eiffel Tower the only really tall thing in Paris you need to climb? And, of course, a few words on the busiest tourist attraction in France.

Here are the 10 tourist traps to avoid in France.

But despite the odd tourist trap there are of course plenty of reasons to visit France. Here's six reasons why France is the most popular tourist destination in the world.

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