VIDEO: New horror movie set in Paris catacombs

The Paris catacombs, known to its fans as the "kingdom of the dead", has provided the setting for a brand new horror flick that hit cinemas in France this week. Check out the trailer, though it may make you hesitate about heading below ground ever again.

The movie is called “As above, so below” and it's a “Blair Witch Project”-like faux documentary that traces the expedition of a very unfortunate explorer and her team through Paris's subterrannean cemetery.

The American film, which was shot in the City of Light's famous catacombs, leads the explorers in search of an important historical artifact, but what they discover instead are their own demons.

Here's the trailer:

Although the film may seem far-fetched the idea of carefree adventurers having a hairy time in the underground burial ground is nothing new.

In 2011, The Local reported on a somewhat similar real life misadventure in the miles and miles of underground galleries that contain the remains of some six million Parisians. In that case a crew late night revellers got lost in the winding passages and spent 48 unable to find their way out.

The dark labyrinth doesn't just draw drunk 20-somethings looking for scare. Photographers frequently use it as a macabre setting for unauthorized nude photo shoots. It's such a problem the catacombs have their own police dedicated to keeping people out.

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