And the priciest place in France for an ‘apéro’ is?

And the priciest place in France for an 'apéro' is?
The 'aperitif' in France can almost set you back as much as the meal that comes after. Photo: Shutterstock
The aperitif is a tradition engrained deep in French culture but the pre-meal ritual doesn't come cheap. A study has revealed that some in France are paying more for "aperos" than others, and it all depends on which region they live in and where they shop.

British holidaymakers who flock to Brittany each year, will be pleased to hear that they are in the cheapest region in France when it comes to the cost of aperitifs.

A new survey by French price comparison website, which analysed 385,000 prices across 2,420 supermarkets throughout the country, found that the pre-meal tipple will set you back less in Brittany than elsewhere in France.

At the other end of the scale was Corsica where the traditional drink and light snacks are the most expensive in France.

The survey’s findings were based on the cost of a basket of goods for six people, made up of common “apero” items like Pastis, Rosé wine, Saucisson, peanuts, cheese, crisps, olives, tomato juice, tzatziki and crackers.

While the average cost across France was €31.7, the basket cost €30.8 on average in Brittany and €33 in Corsica. The average cost of the aperitif has actually gone down by around €1 compared to last year, the study found. 

While the survey found that while there was only a price difference of around three euros across the whole of France, the difference in cost of the basket widened depending on what supermarket people shopped in.

This was the case especially in the Paris region.

“The price of the same product changes from one supermarket to another and even within the same shops due to promotions,” said Monsieur Drive’s president Karine Brana.

Last year the French consumer association UFC-Que Choisir  produced a study that named the cheapest and most expensive supermarkets in France.

In terms of the cheapest, that title went to Leclerc, and at the other end of the scale shoppers in France will feel it most in the pocket if they buy their fruit and veg at Monoprix.

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