Summer in France – ‘the ideal time to find a job’

Summer in France - 'the ideal time to find a job'
Looking for a job? Forget about the beach and get applying. Photo: Shutterstock/AFP
Tempted to put your job applications on hold in August and wait for the rest of France to return from the famed month-long holiday? Don't do it, says one recruitment expert, who believes the summer is an ideal time to land that job.

Unless you are looking for work in a hotel or as a lifeguard on a beach, you'd be forgiven for thinking that summer is not the best time to find a job in France and that you'd be better off joining everyone else on the beach.

But think again, one recruitment boss argues that the annual summer shutdown provides you with the best chance of landing that job you've been desperately looking for.

Didier Gaillard, the general director of the French recruitment group Expectra, insists August is just the moment to buckle up and chase down your preferred future employers.

“Candidates should definitely not put their job applications on hold during August, it would be a mistake to do so,” .

Gaillard said that the main reason for that is that although many French people may leave on vacation, the recruiters still there will be able to give you the time of day and most likely provide an attentive ear.

“Recruiters have the time to go through the applications properly and to meet with candidates," he says.

Another advantage, Gaillard said, is that you’ll be able to stand out while facing much less competition.

“If you continue to search for a job in August, it will make you more visible because there will be a smaller number of candidates with your profile that will apply,” he told French broadcaster BFMTV.

On a final note, Gaillard said the fact that you chose to stay behind when most of France opted to leave, will help you forge important relationships with the other August workers. 

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by Louise Nordstrom

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