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Twelve things tourists do that annoy Parisians

Parisians get a bad name for their supposed unfriendly treatment of tourists, but what if us visitors are partly to blame for the that famed surly welcome from the locals? Here are 12 things tourists do that can wind up the French, according to our readers.

Twelve things tourists do that annoy Parisians
Twelve things tourists do that annoy Parisians, including standing in the middle of the Champs-Elysées to get a photo. Photo: Stan1ey/Flickr

Visitors to the City of Light often complain about the unfriendly waiters, the moody taxi-drivers or the unhelpful members of the Parisian public.

But what if we turn the tables? Maybe you committed a huge faux-pas that put the waiter in a bad mood? Perhaps without realizing you were rude to the Madame in the street who refused to help you find the Moulin Rouge. There's a chance those Parisians pushing past you on the Metro were just fed up of your antics.

We asked readers – whether tourists, expats or Parisians alike – to list some of the things the 30 million tourists who come to Paris each year do that can rub some of the locals up the wrong way. And they were not short of complaints.

Twelve things tourists do that annoy Parisians

What other things do tourists do that annoy Parisians? Share your complaints in the comments section below.

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