VIDEO: French singer’s sublime voice goes viral

A French musician’s tough guy-look and amazing vocal range have combined to create a YouTube viral sensation. Though he looks a bit like a biker, his voice sounds like pure opera.

In just a few days the curious video of a French street performer with an unbelievable vocal range has racked up over a million clicks.

With the musician’s shaved head, black clothes and boots, it’s not hard to imagine him on a Harley Davidson, but when he begins to sing in front of a cathedral in Strasbourg in eastern France, what pours out is nothing short of sublime.

This gentlemen, however, isn’t your average street performer. Luc Arbogast was a 2013 candidate on the French version of reality singing competition The Voice.

He didn’t make it very far in the competition but his powerful pipes and look landed him a recording contract later that year. He has apparently not given up his taste for live performing, as you can see in the video:

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VIDEO: French-British navies’ brutal rugby brawl goes viral

More than 200 years after Britain and France fought the bloody Siege of Toulon during the French Revolutionary Wars, their modern-day navies came to blows again in the city -- this time on the rugby field.

VIDEO: French-British navies' brutal rugby brawl goes viral
Photo: YouTube Screenshot

A video of a mass brawl between the teams of the French Marine Nationale and the Royal Navy, taking part in the annual Babcock International Trophy on Wednesday, went viral this week.

The two rugby sides, the French in blue and the British in grey, fought a running brawl which appeared to involve both sets of players as well as some support staff on the sidelines.

By Friday, the violent video posted on YouTube had been viewed more than 750,000 times.

Despite the incident, both teams attempted to play down the punch-up.    

“We are aware of an incident at a rugby match between the Royal Navy and the Marine Nationale in Toulon, France,” said a Royal Navy spokesman.

“We understand the match continued without further incident and the two sides socialised together after the game.”

A Marine Nationale spokesman said it was disappointing that the match, won by the home side 28-6 and played every year since 2006, had been overshadowed by the unsightly scenes.

“Yes, there was a fight, as happens everywhere in matches, and then the teams socialised,” said Stephanie Poiret of a game played at the Stade Mayol home of European champions Toulon.

“I think it's a pity that we are talking only of 30 seconds of fighting and not the other 79 minutes and 30 seconds of the game.”

In live updates on its Facebook page while the match was in progress on Wednesday, the Royal Navy Rugby Union described the fight as a “significant altercation” resulting in two red cards as well as a yellow card for a late

The women's teams from the two navies also played. The French won that game too, 34-3 — but there were no fights.

The armed forces of France and Britain fought over the city of Toulon in 1793 in a three-month siege where a young Napoleon Bonaparte served as an artillery officer.