‘Hidden Cash’ free money game heads to Paris

'Hidden Cash' free money game heads to Paris
An American money hunting games is coming to Paris. Photo: @hiddencash/Twitter
After giving away thousands of dollars in a string of US cities, a wealthy American is bringing his "Hidden Cash" game to Paris in the next couple of weeks. Is it really "twisted" as some critics have claimed?

Parisians will get to join sometime soon in the curious game of hunting for an American real estate investor’s hidden cash in the City of Light, as part of an extension of the somewhat controversial hunt that’s been a hit in the United States.  

In his first ever interview the San Francisco Bay Area investor said on Monday he and his partners would be hiding money in Paris, London and Madrid no later than the first week of July.

“We’re planning to give away a lot more money,” Jason Buzi told CNN, adding he’d already handed out up to $15,000 this spring.

The game is fairly simple. Clues about the location of the money are dished out by the hidden cash twitter account (@hiddencash), which then sparks a frenzy of people seeking the concealed dollars. The lucky finders are encouraged to tweet out a photo of themselves with their winnings.

Buzi has been accused by some critics of running a “twisted game masquerading as a charity”, according to website Huffington Post. Yet he’s said that’s wrong.

“This is not about money. It has always been about a fun way to bring people together and give back, and put smiles on people's faces. Nothing more, nothing less,” Buzi wrote in a manifesto explaining his logic and responding to critics. “Those who look for cynical or selfish motives behind every action, would do well to search their own hearts.”

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