Ram raiders smash store to steal €29 of table wine

Thieves in a town in south-western France smashed a car through a Carrefour supermarket front entrance on Sunday in a spectacular raid but left with a slightly underwhelming booty - table wine worth just €29.

Ram raiders smash store to steal €29 of table wine
Ram raiders in France steal booty worth €29 from a supermarket. Photo: AFP

Paris has seen some spectacular raids in recent weeks with thieves getting their hands on thousands of euros worth of jewellery and designer watches from luxury boutiques.

However not all thieves are interested by expensive loot it, seems.

A gang in the southern town of Royan went to great lengths on Sunday to break into a supermarket.

The thieves smashed their car through the front door of the Carrefour City market at around 3pm. Once inside they made straight for the booze aisle.

Their target? Wine. But not vintage bottles of Bordeaux or Burgundy or even just a decent bottle of Chablis or Sancerre.

“No, they just stole six bottles of table wine, three at €7 each and then three at €2.70,” store manager Jessica Remiat told Sud Ouest. “It came to €29.10. It’s a bit of a joke, but a joke that will still cost us some money anyway,” Remiat said.

The thieves' loot was reduced even further after one bottle was found smashed on the floor and another was abandoned outside the store.

And in their rush to get their hands on the plonk, the hapless thieves forgot to cover their faces, so it's likely police will be able to identify them from the CCTV images.

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