Hackers target Orange in massive client data theft

French mobile phone giant Orange revealed this week that it had been hit by a massive new theft of personal data, that has affected 1.3 million customers. It comes just three months after info on 800,000 Orange subscribers was stolen.

Hackers target Orange in massive client data theft
Personal data from 1.3 Orange customers has been stolen by hackers. Photo: Denis Charlet/AFP

Hackers have once again raided Orange’s client database and made off with personal details on 1.3 million customers.

The company reported on Monday that it had been successfully targeted by hackers for the second time in three months.

Orange said on Tuesday that a “limited amount of personal information concerning clients and future customers” was lifted during a security breach on April 18th.

The delay in announcing the breach, Orange explains, was due to the need to “lock” down their system and find out how many clients had actually been affected.

Surnames, first names, email addresses, phone numbers for both mobiles and fixed lines, dates of birth as well as the names of clients’ mobile and internet operators were all stolen, Orange said.

The company has warned their clients to be on the look-out for phishing, the fraudulent practice whereby emails are sent out from apparent reputable companies to try and include individuals to reveal more personal info such as credit card numbers.

"The data collected could be used to contact people involved in e-mail, SMS or telephone, including for phishing" warns Orange.

The company says it has sent emails to all those concerned by the data theft, which includes a “click to call back” link, which if pressed will prompt a member of staff to call the client to answer their questions.

Somewhat ironically the embarrassing double breach comes just months after Orange CEO Stéphane Richard made a presentation during which he said protecting client data was “fundamental” for the company.

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