Frenchman returns to jail to get away from partner

A Frenchman recently released on parole purposefully cut off his electronic tag, knowing he would be sent back to prison. The reason why? He was desperate to get away from his girlfriend.

Frenchman returns to jail to get away from partner
A Frenchman released on parole was so desperate to get away from his wife that he was prepared to go back to prison for two months. Photo: AFP

The convicted man from northern France was seemingly willing to go to any lengths possible to get away from his partner, even if it meant spending more time behind bars.

According to reports in France, the man from Pas de Calais cut off his electronic tag after getting into a row with his girlfriend, Europe1 radio reported.

“This is someone who was at the end of his sentence and couldn’t bear to be stuck at home,” the French prosecutor said.

“So he actually cut off his tag, triggering an alert. He wanted to go back to prison,” the prosecutor added.

The reason for the man’s drastic action? He was “in conflict with his partner”.

And as it happens the man, aged 50 years-old, who had been convicted of minor traffic offences related to alcohol consumption, got his wish.

For cutting off his tag he will spend the next two months back behind bars, away from his partner.

Although it is rare for recently released prisoners to purposefully look to go back to prison, prosecutors said it was common for “some people to struggle with being confined in their own home, when they are tempted to go out, but cannot.”

According to the French prisons service, on April 1st there were 461 convicted criminals placed under electronic surveillance. 

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