VIDEO: How bodypaint caused a buzz in France

VIDEO: How bodypaint caused a buzz in France
Is this actress really wearing jeans? Photo: Screengrab/YouTube
Tasked with creating a buzz for their assignment, two French students did just that this week with a video featuring a semi-naked woman, some expert body-painting and plenty of fooled citizens (and some shocked ones) in the northern French city of Lille.

A woman walking through the centre of a French town wearing a pair of jeans is unlikely to raise any eyebrows.

Yet it did just that in the northern French town of Lille this week.

That’s because there was more to this stroll than meets the eye. The woman was in fact an actress and she wasn’t wearing any jeans at all, just some carefully placed body paint.

“I always wanted to test out body-painting, so I agreed to do it straight away. I tried not to look at the reaction of the people, so I wouldn’t be put off,” she told La Voix du Nord newspaper.

Although as the video below shows, it's fair to say not everyone was fooled.

Needless to say the video of her walk around town, simply titled “She walks butt-naked in the streets”, has gone viral on social media since it was posted on April 29th.

The video was the brainchild of two advertising students, who were studying a module on how to create a buzz.

With over one million views in just a matter of days, we can expect them to get top marks. Judge for yourself here.

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