VIDEO: Danes urged to visit Paris to make babies

A trip to the sexy city of Paris is just the thing Danes needs to boost their falling birthrate, according to a travel agency in the country. In the agency's tongue-in-cheek "Do it for Denmark" video they show how the City of Light can help.

The Danes are regularly ranked highly in Europe-wide tables for things like happiness, household income, government transparency, but the otherwise high-achieving country has hit a nearly three-decade low in its birthrate.

Danish travel agency Spies Rejser says in a new  video that the antidote is a trip to Paris. In the resulting two-minute tongue-in-cheek video, filled with sex jokes and starring an attractive young couple, the agency lays out the benefits a trip to the French capital could have on the chances of conceiving. It's pulled in nearly six million views since being posted on March 26. 

“To help the falling Danish birth rate,” the travel agency says all Danes should to take a little romantic trip to the City of Light to loosen up. The agency says couples who can prove that they conceived a child on a trip are entitled to a three-year supply of diapers and a free trip with their baby as part of “Ovulation Discount.”

Think it'll work? Have a look for yourself.

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