France set to create 1.7m new posts in 2014

France set to create 1.7m new posts in 2014
There will be jobs going in France this year, says a study by a goverment agency. Photo: Shutterstock
Finally there was some good news on the employment front for France this week, with the national job agency predicting businesses will create 1.7 million jobs in 2014, that's a 5.4 percent rise on 2013. Find out which sectors will be recruiting.

France might be wobbling under record high unemployment but there are jobs out there, at least in certain sectors, according to a report by state employment agency Pôle Emploi.

The agency says that companies in France that employ over 50 staff will be the main drivers of recruitment this year, estimating that a total of 1.7 million posts will be created.

Pôle Emploi says the most active areas of recruitment will be for low-skilled jobs and many of the jobs created this year will be in the agricultural industry and will be of a seasonal nature, notably in the wine industry which relies on seasonal workers for the annual harvest.

"The French economic fabric is pulled up by its agricultural dynamism," said Pôle Emploi's Anita Bonnet.

But it will be the services sector that will be recruiting for most of those new posts (64 percent), up by four percent from 2013.

The French tourist industry which has remained buoyant despite the economic downturn will also see an increase in demand for new staff in particular in hotels. There will also be a demand for care and community workers, which has been put down to France's burgeoning elderly population.

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When it comes to where in France the jobs will be created, some regions will be better than others.

For example it would be better to live in the south west area of Gironde or Alpes-Maritimes in the south east than parts of central France like the depqrt;ent of Creuse.

But the Ile de France region in Paris will be where 16 percent of the recruitment will take place, mostly for skilled jobs such as engineers, research and development managers and IT.

The main reason for the predicted 1.7 million new jobs will down to businesses expected growth in activity or as replacements for staff who leave.

Around a third of the posts available are judged difficult to fill, with companies pointing to lack of candidates with the right profile or simply as a lack of applicants as the main reasons.

There are various sectors where posts are deemed harder to fill than others, notably engineering, education managers, home helpers and cooks.

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