French boy, 8, trapped in concrete block for hours

An eight-year-old French boy spent four hours wedged in a concrete block on Wednesday after he tumbled in during a game of hide and seek with his friends. Firefighters eventually cut him out after soap and water failed to free him.

French boy, 8, trapped in concrete block for hours
An eight-year-old boy was rescued after four hours stuck in a concrete block. Photo: Denis Charlet/AFP

It took four hours and some heavy duty tools to finally break an eight-year-old French boy free from the large concrete block he’d tumbled into on Wednesday in the town of Roubaix, northern France.

The boy had climbed atop the block around 5pm while playing hide and seek with his friends and after falling into it, he quickly realized he was stuck and called for help, French daily Le Parisien reported.

Firefighters first doused the boy with soap and oil in an effort to slip him out of the tight spot. But when that didn’t work they brought in a concrete saw and two jackhammers to break the child free.

By around 9pm the child was finally out of the block and he was taken to a local hospital as a precaution, but he was believed to have been unharmed after the ordeal.

His family, however, was reportedly fuming over the city’s decision to install the giant block in the first place. It was dropped at the base of a power pole in an attempt to stop copper wire thefts that have been plaguing the area.

Firefighters in France have plenty of other equally odd or even stranger rescues on their books. There was the French pensioner who spent the night stuck in her chimney after getting stuck while hunting for a lost pair of eye glasses.

And before her there was the elderly lady who was trapped without food or water for three days after getting her head wedged into a radiator at her home.

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