Paris Metro: 13 stations close for Chinese leader

Commuters in Paris were left furious on Thursday when authorities closed no less than 13 Metro stations during the morning rush hour for citing security reasons for the state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Paris Metro: 13 stations close for Chinese leader
The visit of Chinese leader Xi Jinping has forced the closure of 13 Metro stations in Paris on Thursday. Photo: Peter Kovarik/AFP

Without much warning Paris transit officials shut 13 metro stations in the midst of rush hour as part of the security for the Chinese president’s visit to the capital. Needless to say Paris commuters were not happy.

Just after 9am officials sealed off 13 Metro stations across the city in order to ensure the safety of Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to the City of Light.

The stations closed until further notice were: George V, Alma Marceau, Kléber, Ségur, Cambronne, La Motte Picquet Grenelle, Ecole Militaire, Sèvres Lecourbe, Varenne, Solférino, Rue du Bac, Invalides and Assemblée Nationale, French daily Le Parisien reported.

Paris’s transport authority provided almost no advance notice of the closures, and they came in the midst of capital’s notoriously hectic rush hour.

Commuters expressed their anger to APris Metro chiefs RATP through the usual social media channels.

"What is this madness with the Chinese president. Our president is in Paris all year and you don't close the Metro stations," tweeted Loic Jack.

Another tweeted his shock at the measures taken by authorities.

"Closing Metro stations at rush hour for the security of the Chinese president. Unbelievable," said Cedric Gentil.

One tweeter noted the irony of Paris transport authorities closing Metro stations on a day when pollution levels rose again in the capital.

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