Paris car-sharing scheme Autolib’ set for London

Paris car-sharing scheme Autolib' set for London
Paris's Autolib' cars will soon be on the streets of London. Photo: Francisco Gonzalez/Flickr
Paris's groundbreaking electric car-sharing scheme looks set to be rolled out in London in the next 12 months, Vincent Bollore the French tycoon behind the capital's Autolib' project said on Wednesday.

French tycoon Vincent Bollore said on Wednesday he aims to introduce a car version of the "Boris Bikes" hire scheme in London, and quadruple the number of electric car-charging points in Britain.

IER, a subsidiary of the Bollore Group, has been selected by the Transport for London authority to take over the management of the existing Source London from June this year.

The network of 1,400 battery-charging points will be expanded to 6,000 by 2018, with IER investing £100 million (120 million euros, $166 million).

Furthermore, Bollore said he was aiming to launch an electric car hire project in the British capital.

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The scheme would be based on Autolib in Paris, which was launched in 2011 and currently has more than 45,000 active subscribers making between 9,000 and 13,000 car journeys each day.

"We'll have Blue Cars in London within the next 12 months," Bollore said.

The Autolib model has also been rolled out to the French cities of Lyon and Bordeaux and will soon go into operation in the US city of Indianapolis.

Bollore will eventually also offer a car-sharing scheme.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said: "We're going to see more charging points popping up across London, which will drive the take-up of these cleaner, greener machines and help to reduce air pollution too."

The popular short-term bike hire scheme in London was initially sponsored by Barclays bank, but soon acquired the nickname "Boris Bikes" after the mayor.

Paris's Autolib scheme has been considered a success but it has occasionally suffered from the same problems as the Velib' bike scheme, notably vandalism.

These dramatic pictures below show two blue cars in flames after being set alight by vandals in Paris.

What do you think, will Autolib' work in London? 

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