Sex to snails: Surprising facts about the French

Think you know the French? Well, to test your knowledge of our Gallic cousins we've put together 10 facts or stats about them that may surprise you, or at least raise a few eyebrows. However to make it a little trickier we've included two made up ones. But can you spot them?

Sex to snails: Surprising facts about the French
From sex to snails, 10 surprising facts about the French and two made up ones. But can you spot them? Photo: Jesse Rone/Ilweranta/Flickr
France is a country that almost everyone has an opinion on but how well do we really know the French people?
They can be a rather unpredictable and surprising bunch and quite different to the stereotypical view of them, well, in some cases anyway.
Here The Local has put together 10 interesting facts about the French from everything from sex to snails.
To make it a little more interesting for you expert Francophiles, we have included two false 'facts', that is to say, we here at The Local made them up, just to see if we could catch you out.
So take a look through this gallery and see whether you can spot the fakes.
The last slide will reveal all. Plus, if you can think of any other interesting insights into the French, send them over to [email protected] and we can include them in a follow up slide show.
And if you liked this gallery, then the chances are you will like this next one below, which is on France's strangest laws. It also contains a couple of made up ones to make it a bit more interesting. Although they all probably seem made up, can you spot the real ones from the fake?
Got an idea for a list of your own? Let us know by emailing us at [email protected]

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